The Magdalene House

The Magdalene House is the first Maggie’s Place home opened on Mother’s Day of 2000. The Magdalene House can house eight mothers and their infants.
Phone: (602) 257-4648
Location: Downtown Phoenix

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The Elizabeth House

Opened in 2005 and located in the East Valley, The Elizabeth House can house six mothers and their infants.
Phone: (480) 491-0446
Location: Tempe

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The Michael House

Opened in 2007 and located in the West Valley, The Michael House can house seven mothers and their infants.
Phone: (623)842-1000
Location: Glendale

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The Hannah House

Opened in 2015 and located in the East Valley, The Hannah House can house seven mothers and their infants.
Phone: (480) 292-7240
Location: Mesa

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The Fiat House – Coordinating Office and Moms’ Outreach Center

Opened in 2014, The Fiat House is the location of the administrative offices of Maggie’s Place in Phoenix, Arizona as well as the Moms’ Outreach Center which receives around 100 visits per month from alumnae moms.

Address: 4001 N 30th St, Phoenix, AZ 85001

Phone: (602) 262-5555

Open only during business hours: M-F 9AM-5PM

Closed on holidays

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The Zechariah House – Ohio

The Zechariah House opened in 2009 and can accommodate 9 moms.
Phone: (440) 886-2620
Location: Parma, Ohio

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