Thank you for investing in our moms! Moms like Charlie are so thankful you were there when they needed you most.

In 2008 Charlie was living at a halfway house. She met a man in a similar situation and fell in love. They got pregnant and were planning on marriage when he suddenly disappeared from her life. Charlie was 5 months pregnant, had a minimum wage job, was trying to pay her car off and was homeless. A friend told her about Maggie’s Place and Charlie called every week until there was an opening.

Recovery was Charlie’s highest priority during her time at Maggie’s Place. “With a baby on the way, life was no longer just about me and there was simply no room for something as selfish using drugs. Staff and the other moms fully supported me in my recovery and celebrated the smallest of my victories as though I had moved mountains.” Charlie became a mom in October 2008 and was so happy to bring baby Olivia home to a place filled with love!

Olivia is now in the third grade and Charlie’s life is significantly different! She returned to school, obtained her Masters in Elementary Education with a 3.98 GPA and is now a teacher. She is married and has another daughter. Her husband officially adopted Olivia last month!

“While living at Maggie’s Place, I was struck by the generous hearts of people like you who were actively serving and helping me when they didn’t even know me. The spirit of Christ is truly alive in the Maggie’s Place community which includes each and every one of you. The Maggie’s Place community was with me the day I got off government assistance for good, the day I graduated with my Masters, the first Christmas I could afford to provide for my family without donations, the day I got married, and the list goes on.

One would think that the tale of a homeless, abandoned pregnant woman would be truly tragic, but it was the complete opposite because of the constant generosity of people like you. When I brought my baby into the world, the both of us wanted for nothing. That love – your love – is something I carry with me all the time.”

Charlie and Olivia