Silvia’s journey to Maggie’s Place was a painful one.  A single mother of four, she struggled with severe stress, was a victim of domestic abuse, and spent some time in prison.  “After getting out of prison, I wanted a better life,” she remembers- and not just for herself, but also for her fifth child due in just a few months.

sylvia and kids

“Maggie’s Place was nothing like what I was expecting.  I thought it would be a dorm hall of bunk beds. It has been a million times more than that. You come here with absolutely nothing and leave with absolutely everything.”  Silvia immersed herself in community life, quickly making friends with the other moms and staff, and participating in every event that was offered.  When Micaela was born – named after Saint Michael – she was welcomed into a second family, her Maggie’s Place family.

Silvia’s determination to support her family has only gotten stronger.  She is just one section away from completing her GED, and then plans to go to college for culinary arts and eventually work in a restaurant.  After Maggie’s Place, she has made arrangements to rent a house from her mother where she will be able to live with her children.  “I feel so much better about myself.  I can set goals and accomplish them.  I feel like a different person,” she says as she walks out the door for a job interview – just another step for this hardworking, faithful mother.