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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • I wear many hats at Maggie’s Place – one of them falling under the title of Volunteer Coordinator.  It’s a humbling job, getting to interact with such a large group of dedicated individuals. One such group came in a few weeks ago to help weed and landscape the premises of the new Alumnae Mom Outreach […]

  • It was a Tuesday morning, per our typical plan, all the staff were out of the house for our regular Tuesday meetings. On this particular Tuesday, our volunteer at the house, Esther, gave us a call about 10am. Esther alerted us that the police called and were asking us to help with a homeless mother […]

  • Maggie’s Thrift was featured on raisingarizonakids.com. Below is an intro to the story. Local families, individuals, groups and businesses have been generous with contributions to Phoenix-based Maggie’s Place, a community of homes offering support and hospitality to pregnant women who are homeless or alone. Countless boxes and truckloads of diapers, clothing, toys, books, household items […]

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