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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • A MissionCorps member reflects on her time of service with Maggie’s Place. It’s impossible to merely ‘sum up’ the last year and a half of living and serving in this truly blessed ministry, where God’s love abounds and every day is so full of life, unconditional love, amazing people, heartbreaking struggles, astonishing accomplishments and the […]

  • Maggie’s Place is an unrepeatable experience. It is a kaleidoscope of every human struggle, and every human joy. We celebrate the beginning of life as we welcome brand new human beings into this world. We dream together about their futures. We pray that they can find the beauty in this broken world, and that they […]

  • After a detailed application and interview process, Maggie’s Place selected  the recipients of the Becky Most Scholarship Fund who will receive $500 to $1,000 scholarships. Congratulations again to our winners! Please read more about the recipients below. The Becky Most Scholarship Fund is named in honor of a beloved staff member who was killed in […]

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