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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • My first contact mom had a very healthy, robust baby, who was also probably the angriest baby I’ve ever met. His mom went to school to get her CNA certification, and so the Corps ended up babysitting him at odd times to fill in for other sitters while she was at school. Some good things […]

  • “A community which is just an explosion of heroism is not a true community. True community implies a way of life, a way of living and seeing reality; it implies above all fidelity of the daily round. And this is made of simple things—getting meals, using and washing dishes and using them again, going to […]

  • The 1999 comedy film, Baby Geniuses, with Sylvester and his infant cohorts gleefully outwitting the sinister Doctors Kinder and Heep, is an all-time favorite at The Elizabeth House. Unlike Dan Bobbin, we cannot for the most part understand baby babble, and try as we might, we can’t remember that time long ago before we “crossed […]

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