There’s a turkey on the table, and wafts of pumpkin pie.
Thanksgiving is delicious.
The house is full of family and friends stopping by.
Thanksgiving is familiarity.
Mom cooks; we eat and enjoy each other while memories fly.
Thanksgiving is company.

This year instead of one mom I have many more.
Thanksgiving is abundance.
I miss the familiar faces, but am surrounded with my family of MissionCorps.
Thanksgiving is loving.
The gifts that surround this table deserve an encore.
Thanksgiving is rewarding.

Maggie’s Place is true daily thanksgiving, a place of love and community.
Thanksgiving is recognizing.
The family I have received, the love and the inspiration are worthy of my gratuity.
Thanksgiving is surprising.
In my heart forever, my moms, babies, MissionCorps sisters: God’s ingenuity.
Thanksgiving is forever.

By Tanya Wareham, a MissionCorps