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Success Stories

  • With your investment in Maggie’s Place, you give struggling mothers the support of a loving community and a renewed zeal! Thank you for providing moms like Alma with a second chance. Alma lost her support network due to drug abuse and became homeless. “I was in a dark place. I was so lost and alone.” […]

  • With your support, moms are able to make sustainable changes in their lives to ensure strengthened family relationships and long term success. You’ve helped moms like Melissa, who can now look back on her journey and see how far she’s come. Thank you! Before coming to Maggie’s Place, Melissa was very early in her sobriety […]

  • Your generosity has made it possible for moms like Jade to begin again when it seemed like they had lost everything. Thank you for your being a support system to moms when they needed it most. After losing her job and being evicted from her apartment, Jade felt as though she had reached rock bottom. […]

  • Your donation gives expectant women in uncertain circumstances the chance to grow into their roles as mothers. Thank you for providing women in need with the means necessary to accomplish their goals. You’ve touched the lives of moms like Dasha with your kindness. When Dasha found herself pregnant amidst the unrest in the Ukraine, she […]

  • Your support inspires moms in difficult situations and provides access to the resources they need to realize their full potential. Moms like Roseann have been impacted as a result of your generosity. Roseann was focusing on her sobriety when a woman in her rehab program transitioned to Maggie’s Place. When Roseann found herself in the […]

  • Your investment in Maggie’s Place has empowered moms in need to make a monumental change in their lives. Thank you for believing in moms like Jacquelyn! Jacquelyn moved from the United States to Canada to be closer to her fiancé. When Jacquelyn became pregnant, they decided it would be best for her to stay with […]

  • My journey towards Maggie’s Place began in fifth grade when one of my teachers told my class about a year of service she completed in Alaska with a Catholic volunteer program. As an 11 year old girl, her story of serving others and growing in her faith through a year of service stirred my heart. […]

  • Liz

    After three years of battling a drug addiction, Liz entered rehab. During her rehab program, Liz found out that she was pregnant and decided to choose an open adoption. The adoptive family referred Liz to Maggie’s Place because Liz didn’t have anywhere to go when she graduated from the program. Amidst all the uncertainties of […]

  • Avigail became pregnant at 18 years old and moved in with her aunt in hopes to receive her support and guidance. She wanted her unborn baby to have the opportunities she did not have. Shortly after moving in with her, Avigail saw that the relationship was unhealthy. Avigail didn’t have the means to move out […]

  • MissionCorps like to tell whoever will listen that Maggie’s Place is like a family. The Corps and moms live, grow, suffer, and rejoice together. They are there for every up and down in life. Sometimes, they know more about each other’s current lives than their parents, siblings, or friends. They celebrate birthdays, sobriety anniversaries, births, […]

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