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Success Stories

  • Lacey’s dream since high school was to be a medical assistant, but after graduating, a few poor choices prevented her from beginning the training program. After learning she was pregnant, she knew she had to make some changes in order to care for the little boy she was expecting. “My situation before Maggie’s Place was […]

  • Last year, Ermalinda was focusing on her sobriety and living at a sober living facility. When she found out she was pregnant, Ermalinda found support close at hand through her substance abuse class. One of her classmates was actually a Maggie’s Place mom and was able to provide Ermalinda with all of the information she […]

  • Raeleen had come from a tough past, but she was ready for something more. She was in the midst of working towards regaining custody of her daughter, Marissa, and did not have a stable living situation when she found out she was pregnant. In an effort to take steps towards stability, Raeleen googled “pregnancy homes […]

  • Before Maggie’s Place, Nicole was surrounded by unhealthy relationships that did not support her commitment to sobriety. It was through her rehab facility that she found out about Maggie’s Place. When she found herself homeless and pregnant, the sense of community she got from the website encouraged her to make the call. Since moving in, […]

  • Tramesha, originally from Jacksonville, Florida, was living and working in New York when she discovered she was pregnant. She had made the move to New York to attend college and began working after that. She didn’t have the resources for a healthy pregnancy on her own so she decided to move back to Jacksonville until […]

  • Caterina received treatment at a nursing home as she fought off infection while carrying her baby. After being discharged, she moved into her mom’s shed and started searching for a stable place to welcome her daughter into the world. She remembered hearing about Maggie’s Place when she took a class at a crisis pregnancy support […]

  • God has been so good to me in life, and I am so grateful for what He has done. I want to take a moment to reflect back on the morning when I realized I was about to be homeless and with child. It was truly the most fearful time of my life! I was alone, […]

  • Valerie is a true picture of a Maggie’s Place success story come full circle, from entering our doors in a place of need to now successful and thriving on her own. In 2012, Valerie found herself in trouble early in her pregnancy, spending time in jail from a series of bad decisions she made with […]

  • As a college-educated woman and happy mother of twin boys, Autumn never expected to find herself homeless, addicted to heroin, and abandoned at a Missouri truck stop. Yet Autumn feels God used these appalling circumstances to propel her into drug treatment and eventually to Maggie’s Place, where her life was completely turned around. After injuries […]

  • I found out about Maggie’s Place through my pregnancy counselor at the Crisis Pregnancy Center.  I called to see if there was an opening, and I was invited to come live at The Elizabeth House. At that point, I had nowhere else to turn that was safe.  I lived there until my baby was about […]

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