Dear Elizabeth House Moms,

My name is Jennifer. I used to live here at this house for a year. I had my daughter Ava just the day after Christmas. And let me tell you, it was the happiest time in my life. I miss those day a lot! I want you to know that when I walked into this home, I was so lost and confused. And I am sure you all were too. We’re like how did we get here? What happened to our life? I was heartbroken. I really didn’t think I was ever going to make it.

I am a past felon and hadn’t ever had a stable job in my life. I won’t go into too much detail but I was in and out of jail. Finally, I was about one month sober and I was really starting to do well! Then I got pregnant by my high school sweetheart. I was living in a halfway house. We got engaged. He was what I thought was a good man and a fairytale ending. He had a great job, beautiful home and so forth. Needless to say I eventually found myself trapped in an unhealthy relationship and had nowhere to go. My family didn’t want me and didn’t trust me one bit. I wasn’t going to stay in an abusive relationship. I even remember being told to stay because I didn’t have a choice. I had no money, no car and no phone. But I knew that I had to get out. I was ready to give up on life.

I searched and searched trying to find somewhere to go. I came across Maggie’s Place. I thought I was going to walk into a room full of bunk beds. But, when I pulled up, it was a home! A real home with a bed and room! I was so nervous and full of anxiety at the time. I really wasn’t ready to live with women because I didn’t think I would get along or people wouldn’t like me. But, let me tell you, I have never experienced so much love in my ENTIRE LIFE! Wow, I am still friends with the moms I grew up with in the home and also with the staff that were there.

As time went by my relationship with my mom and father got so strong. I really became close to all the staff and moms. During the end of my time there when my daughter, Ava, was about to turn six months, I had NO idea where I was going to go. I still didn’t have a job. My daughter was over the top colicky. (Oh my goodness, bless all of your hearts if any of you are having that problem! Phew, don’t miss those days.) So near the end of my time at Maggie’s Place, my mom actually let me move in. I’m not going to bore you with the entire story but I want to give you some hope. I’m not saying we all have the same story. I know we all come from different backgrounds. We all have different struggles. There is a lot of pain in your hearts sometimes. But, it does get better with time. Life goes on. You’re all in the right place. You are SO, SO, SOOOOO LOVED! I know they tell you that all the time, but it’s unbelievably true! It’s been over four years since I walked into those doors and I’ll never forget the feeling.

Now I am five years sober. I am working at a law firm and working with a bunch of smartypants. Can you believe it? I got a second chance at life! I believe all of you have too! Please keep it up. Stay involved at Maggie’s Place! I know it’s hard sometimes but keep on going! KEEP GOING! I don’t know any of you, but I love you!

I wish all of you good health. I don’t have much but I wanted to give back what was given to me when I was there. No matter where we all come from we all stand together and help one another whenever we can!



Jennifer and Ava