AmeriCorps FAQs

Maggie’s Place AmeriCorps members are summer or year-long service members who commit to sharing life with our moms and babies, contributing to the overall functioning of our homes, and/or providing programming support at our Family Success Center.

How is Maggie’s Place different from other service programs?
In our Maggie’s Place homes, AmeriCorps and moms live in community, sharing together and living life alongside one another. AmeriCorps members live in solidarity with the women they serve, and each member of the community, regardless of their role, is changed profoundly by the experience.

How do the live-in and live-out roles differ from one another?
Live-in AmeriCorps members live in the homes with Maggie’s Place moms, babies, and other AmeriCorps members. Live-out AmeriCorps members may choose to live at Palma (the day off house) or at their own residence in the Phoenix area. Live-out AmeriCorps members primarily serve at the Family Success Center and two transitional apartment complexes. Live-out AmeriCorps members offer programs support to the Maggie’s Place Alumni Mom program, while live-in AmeriCorps work closely with Maggie’s Place moms currently seeking shelter and maintain the day-to-day operations
of the homes.

Can I apply if I’m not a US citizen?
AmeriCorps members must be US citizens or legally documented residents.

Are there medical considerations for service?
As AmeriCorps members, you will interact with pregnant women and newborns, groups that have a heightened risk of illness and complications. Pregnant women have somewhat suppressed immune systems and newborns have underdeveloped ones, making it extra important that AmeriCorps take appropriate precautions for the health of the community, such as keeping their own vaccines up to date. It is expected that as an AmeriCorps member, you will receive a flu shot at the beginning of flu season, even if you don’t typically get one each year, as well as that you have received a tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis booster within the last five years. The vaccine must have had the pertussis component included, as the tetanus-only shot doesn’t include it. If you are unsure if you have received it, please check with your doctor. AmeriCorps members are
also expected to be able to operate well under high levels of stress, and take any mental health struggles or challenges into consideration when applying for service at Maggie’s Place.

COVID Precautions
In order to reduce the spread of COVID and protect our community, AmeriCorps members are strongly encouraged to receive a COVID vaccination prior to arriving in the homes. Maggie’s Place follows CDC guidelines in response to COVID procedures
and may alter mandates and policies as new research emerges.

Are there costs associated with applying/serving?
AmeriCorps are responsible for traveling to and from their placements.

How do I handle my college loans?
Either forbearance or deferment is available for most federally guaranteed student
loans. Contact your lender for more information. Maggie’s Place is happy to provide any forms or letters required to prove your status as a full-time volunteer. AmeriCorps loans may have the option to be placed in forbearance for the duration of service.

Can my family and friends visit me? Call me?
Yes! AmeriCorps often invite family and friends to visit and share in their experiences of life at Maggie’s Place. While AmeriCorps members are expected to immerse themselves into the community at Maggie’s Place, we also recognize that keeping in touch with family and friends is important and necessary to stay healthy.

Is Maggie’s Place a religious organization?
Maggie’s Place is not a religious organization. We are a social service organization, and we accept moms, staff, and AmeriCorps members of any, or no, faith background. Maggie’s Place was founded in the spirit of Catholic social teaching, emphasizing dignity, respect, and solidarity within the human family, and our Core Values of Love, Hospitality, Community, and Excellence stem from this heritage. We encourage any and all faith practices for members as well as interfaith dialogue, and we are not evangelical in any way, shape, or form. Any religious activities should take place outside of AmeriCorps hours.

Is there a dress code at Maggie’s Place?
We ask our AmeriCorps members to follow a dress code during times that the home is open to guests, volunteers, and donors (9AM-9 PM). When asked to speak at an event or attend staff-wide meetings, AmeriCorps members should be expected to have business casual wear. New AmeriCorps will receive a packing list with dress code guidelines upon hire.

What about meals?
Each home has a grocery budget and is stocked with community groceries. If you prefer to buy your own personal food, you can do so with personal money. Additionally, AmeriCorps members qualify to receive EBT to aid with food costs. Meals are on your own for both moms and AmeriCorps, except for Monday night community night.

Do I have to pay room & board?
No, expenses are taken out of your monthly stipend of $1,358.33.

Do I need to have a driver’s license?
Every AmeriCorps member should have her license and must be 21 years old if driving a Maggie’s Place vehicle. SummerCorps may be younger than 21, but can only drive Maggie’s Place vehicles if they are 21 and older. A large portion of the AmeriCorps role involves safely driving Maggie’s Place vehicles with passengers, so AmeriCorps members should be confident drivers prior to service.

Will I have my own bedroom?
AmeriCorps will share a bedroom with other AmeriCorps members in the homes.

Do you get holidays off?
No. Maggie’s Place homes do not close for the holidays, so AmeriCorps members do not get traditional holidays off. We are often the primary support and community for the moms that live with us. We ask all first-year AmeriCorps to stay for Christmas, and can take time off for either Thanksgiving or Easter as well as other holidays as part of their 24 allotted vacation days.

Do AmeriCorps members receive days off?
AmeriCorps members receive one day off per week and two days off every other week. On the week when you have one day off, you will receive a second 9am-4pm day off. Additionally, AmeriCorps members are encouraged to take 3 hours of personal time per day. In order to provide a space for rest and self care, Maggie’s Place provides a day off house that is separate from the home where you work at to be used during your time off.

Can I have another job while at Maggie’s Place?
A year of service at Maggie’s Place is extremely immersive. AmeriCorps members will not have the time or flexibility needed to hold another job while serving at Maggie’s Place in a live-in or live-out position. This also applies to any other commitment, like school or online classes.

What does day to day life look like?
Each day is dependent on the needs of the moms in the home, so each day looks different! Typically, the day is split into duty shifts. When an AmeriCorps member is not on duty, she may spend her time one-on-one with moms, driving moms and babies to appointments or classes, doing her administrative position work, or taking personal time.