The longer I am at Maggie’s Place, the more frequently I find myself thanking God for my fellow MissionCorps. To my roommates, best friends, heroes, and workmates, this is for you!

To the very first 5 of you:
First of all, I now completely understand what it feels like to have that last bit of cereal taken without your knowing, and it is a bummer! I understand the frustrations, and the days of unbelief that this is the path God has led you to. Thank you for staying strong and sticking with it! You are all incredibly brave, and there are countless people that have been affected by your love and faith. I am one of those women who has you to thank for leading me to become the person I was meant to be while at Maggie’s Place.

To the MissionCorps who would be soon to follow and watch Maggie’s Place grow immensely:
What great imaginations for growth you must have had! You watched as 5 other homes came into being, along with the Moms’ Outreach Center and coordinating offices, and a thrift store managed by your own contact moms! You saw so much potential grow from the ground up. I love laughing with you and sharing stories. When I see alumnae moms at Fiat, they all rave about the love you had for them. It is my goal to achieve that someday! Because of your smart wit, we have the policies and procedures in place that help Maggie’s Place to operate the way it does! Thank you for the constant love, counsel, and good example you show to me.

To my fellow MissionCorps:
How in the world do I express my love and gratitude in a piece of writing? I have the greatest time laughing with you about nonsensical things and sharing the toughest of times with you when hearts break. Being goofy with you is my favorite pastime. Your ideas and decisions impress me every day along with your incredible work ethic. I would rather no one else to be beside me on this adventure called being a MissionCorps at Maggie’s Place. Thank you for everything!



A Fellow MissionCorps at Maggie’s Place


While writing this blog post, I had the opportunity to recall how incredibly blessed I have been to meet so many of you through the opening of The Hannah House. With deepest gratitude:

Thank you Chariti for being my second mother and making me feel like the coolest. You rock dude.

Thank you Mary Peterson for being my role model and friend. I have LOVED getting to know you.

Thank you Kim for seeing my meltdowns and still having faith in me. Your advice is always so solid.

Thank you James, our electrician, for always making us laugh and feel so special. Your compliments about us reminding you of “the old MP days” while directing the electricity cords through the backyard stuck like glue on one of those really rough days.

I love you all.


By Clare Shear, a MissionCorps member