The other day I was playing with our 3 month old baby. I was making him smile and he started to laugh. I started asking him about his day, what he was thinking, and how he felt. He started grunting at me in response. It was the best conversation I have ever had with him.

Bonding with the moms and their babies is my favorite part about serving at Maggie’s Place. They are the reason I am here and the reason Maggie’s Place exists. I asked the baby if he wanted to share any of his experiences here at Maggie’s Place with all of you. He wanted to share what a typical day at Maggie’s Place is like for him:

Today I woke up with a bright, smiling face looking down at me. I love waking up seeing my mom’s shining face. She loves me so much and I feel so safe with her holding me and kissing me (A TON!). I wish I could tell my mom how much I love her, but for now (since I can’t speak her language), my smiles and grunts will have to do.

After my mom and I communicate how much we love each other, I am ready for breakfast. I am still trying to show my mom that I am hungry by chewing on my hands but she doesn’t always know when I am hungry. So sometimes I have to cry until I have my food. I don’t understand why I can’t just eat when I am hungry. I do feel bad that my mom has to wait so long for my bottle to warm up. I hope she knows I love her and don’t mean to cry all the time.

I really enjoy eating my breakfast. My mom always looks at me and watches me eat. It is the best time ever! Who doesn’t like eating and having your mom look at you and love you at the same time?
After I am done eating, it is time for the kisses. I live with several different amazing women. They all love me so much. How do I know that? I am always kissed, cuddled, or held.

maggie thane blog

Once my food is settled, and all the kisses have been given, it is time to play. I like playing in this huge thing that I stand up in, that play music when I hit it. My mom calls it the bouncer. There are so many things to look at and it has monkeys on it. Monkeys are my favorite. I also love sitting in this huge thing that moves me back and forth. My mom calls it a swing. The swing also has monkeys on it and I love to watch them spin around and around. I get really tired in it and it puts me to sleep.

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I also love playing with the MissionCorps. They are so silly. They make me smile and laugh a lot. One of the MIssionCorps calls me a pterodactyl every time I try to speak to her with my squawks. A MissionCorps gave my mom a dinosaur jacket to dress me in since I make noises like a pterodactyl. Doesn’t she know I am just trying to talk to her? I don’t cry when my mom puts me in it since she smiles when she does it, and it makes her laugh. I will embarrass her when I get older for sure (hehe).

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Once I am done playing with the MissionCorps and my mom, it is time for me to take a nap. I get so tired playing, bouncing, and swinging. After my nap, I just do everything again. My life is so exciting and fun!

The last thing I want to say is that I love all of you so much. Thank you, Mom, for being my hero and loving me SO much! Thank you, MissionCorps, for playing with me and showering me with love, kisses and changing my diaper when it gets messy. Thank you, volunteers, for coming and being a new face for me to look at and someone new to play with. Thank you, donors, for giving me formula to eat, clothes to wear, toys to play with and everything for my mom. I really appreciate it and will never forget the Maggie’s Place community.


By Maggie Hagenauer, a MissionCorps member