I wear many hats at Maggie’s Place – one of them falling under the title of Volunteer Coordinator.  It’s a humbling job, getting to interact with such a large group of dedicated individuals. One such group came in a few weeks ago to help weed and landscape the premises of the new Alumnae Mom Outreach Center, still under construction.  I sent two women armed with shovels out to the front of the building to remove a dying agave plant (being from the north, I still can’t get over how exotic it sounds to have an agave plant on one’s front lawn) and I came back fifteen minutes later to check on them.

What I saw:  A man the size of Thor hacking away at the agave with a chainsaw. 

What had actually happened:  In my absence, a Vietnam vet had spotted the volunteers struggling with the plant and had pulled over his truck to offer the use of his ax and chain saw. When he was finished, he put what was left of the plant in the dumpster and left without another word!

Story number two.  One morning I received a phone call from a lady who wanted to drop off some donations.   Before she hung up, she asked how many women were currently living in our homes. 

“About 25,” I responded.

“Well you can expect 25 little sacrifices offered up by my children this week.  They’ve been asking how they can help the moms at Maggie’s Place.”

Whether it be backbreaking work in the sun, little prayers for our moms, or a monthly check in the mail, you, our supporters, are who keep the doors open to expectant women in need.  We are so thankful for the myriad of ways that you give your hearts to the vulnerable. 


Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.  – Romans 12:6