Community in the homes is very special, especially around this time of Christmas.  This will be my first Christmas at Maggie’s Place and I am really looking forward to it.  Maggie’s Place has become my home away from home; each mom brings her own color to the Maggie’s Place family, and it is beautiful to share laughter and joy with the moms.  Each of the moms comes with a difficult story that the MissionCorps help her to iron out, but more importantly, we are working to help her find more love and stability in the world.  When we share joys and laughter about things that we now have in common, we truly feel the connection of family with the moms because we know that we are bringing out the best in each other and have things that we can relate to them about.  It is amazing how women from many so different walks of life can come together and relax and share joy, despite the trials that weigh them down.  This is why I am looking forward to Christmas, to share with the moms and their babies the joy that often gets lost under the problems that normally populate their lives.  In my home, the Michael House, we currently have moms who are all Christian, so I know that we can also share with them the Christ-centered aspect of this holiday which makes the joy even more complete!


By Therese Fetsko, MissionCorps member at The Michael House