At Maggie’s Place we have a saying that the only thing that is constant is change. There is always a new mom moving in after another mom is finishing the program, a new baby being born, or a new MissionCorps transitioning into her role. We learn to love in the transitions and change that happen at Maggie’s Place. We must discern if we are called to come here and when we are meant to leave. The changes that happen are never easy. They require us to be open to meeting and welcoming new people into our community, which is scary sometimes. Trusting your heart to another person is hard. But, once a new mom or Corps walks through our door, we see they are just like we were when we first arrived.

My mantra during my discernment to come to Maggie’s Place and throughout my time here has been “Courage, dear heart.” This quote is a part of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. Lucy is being tempted to give into the darkness, and when she asks for Aslan’s guidance, he whispers this to her.

I need this same courage to trust in the Lord and to know that He will bring through the front door exactly who needs to be here. We are all broken and lost in some way. We are all longing for authentic community. We all want to be loved for who we are. This is why Maggie’s Place is so special to me. We can all come together from very different backgrounds, live in community and love one another.

All of us need this same courage when we prepare to transition out of Maggie’s Place. We have to decide where we are called to next. Or we have to decide if we are meant to stay longer and to keep living with these incredible women of courage.

Finding somewhere that brings me as much purpose as Maggie’s Place seems like it will be impossible. I know that God has a plan and he will lead us all, the moms and Corps. I have to trust that God has each one of my fellow community members in his very capable hands.

Change is not a bad thing and it opens us up to better futures. I will put my heart and future in God’s hands and have courage!


By Elizabeth Ortlepp, a MissionCorps