Just in case you missed CEO Laura Magruder’s Easter Message…
Blessings to you all.





Everywhere we look we see wild flowers and the beautiful colors of blooms as they seem to be everywhere.  Spring is a season of renewal for nature and for individuals.  Here at Maggie’s Place we witness renewals all year long.  Moms reach out to us – scared, homeless, and alone.  Having their basic needs met allows them to prepare for the birth of their child – they have a new resolve to focus on the future.

Christ was raised on the third day according to the scriptures, this living Christ is present in our daily work. We see it in comforting those with heavy hearts, healing the broken, welcoming the infants that call Maggie’s Place home and enjoying the blessings of each day. 

Thank you for your investment which provides Maggie’s Place the resources to support moms while they prepare for a future full of hope and new beginnings.

Blessings, Laura