General Info & How to Get Help

I am pregnant and in need of a place to stay. How do I get help through Maggie’s Place?
To move into a Maggie’s Place home, a mom should call the intake line at 602-246-3724. 

The intake process is a two-step process, including a meeting at The Fiat House where we walk the mom through a packet of interview questions.  If the mom is a good fit for our program, we will schedule a second meeting before she moves in. This is explained in further detail here.  The intake process can range from one day to a few weeks.  If a mom is in need of immediate emergency housing, please call Maggie’s Place; we are able to refer her to other safe housing programs.

Where are your homes located?
Maggie’s Place has five homes; four in Arizona (Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, and Mesa) and one in Cleveland, Ohio. For privacy purposes, we do not list the addresses on our website. Please visit here to learn more about our homes.
What are the qualifications/criteria for moms to live at Maggie's Place?
In order for a pregnant mom to be considered for Maggie’s Place, she must be:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Without other children in her custody
  • Able to provide proof of pregnancy
  • Free from recent drug and alcohol use
  • Not fleeing a current domestic violence situation
  • Willing to live in accordance with the established rules
  • Committed to working on goals of self-improvement

For more details, click here. If you don’t meet one or some of these requirements, please call us and we can help refer you to another local agency that may be able to help you.

How long can the moms and babies stay?
Guests at Maggie’s Place are invited into the community at any point during their pregnancy. After the baby is born, the mom and baby can reside in the house until the baby is nine months old. In certain circumstances, moms and babies may stay longer. Maggie’s Place also operates transitional apartments in which a mom can stay for up to two years while meeting certain requirements.
What services do you provide?

  • A nurturing and stable home environment and nutritious food
  • Maternity and infant supplies
  • Weekly therapeutic counseling
  • Bus passes
  • Informal mentoring from other new mothers
  • Case management through an one-on-one interaction between the mom and staff in what we term the “contact person” relationship
  • A savings program in which women must save 70% of any income they receive while living at Maggie’s Place.
  • Weekly life skills courses on topics such as childbirth, healthy nutrition, budgeting, communication, and child rearing.
  • Referrals to community agencies including parenting classes, adoption counseling, job training, and low-cost housing.
  • Access to education programs including high school equivalency, community colleges, and vocational training through referrals and a scholarship program.
  • Knowledge of state programs including health insurance, day care subsidies, food stamps, child support and cash assistance.
  • Informal modeling of healthy family life including conflict resolution, facilitating decisions for the common good, upholding expectations and consequences as needed, and celebrating goals achieved.
  • Opportunities for prayer and spiritual development (i.e. participation in community prayer, invitations to join the staff). Please note: while the house is rooted in the Catholic traditions, the moms come from a wide variety of religious background and participation in spiritual opportunities is by invitation, not expectation.

What happens to the moms once they leave Maggie's Place?
Throughout their stay at Maggie’s Place, the moms are asked to set and achieve their goals (i.e. furthering her education, finding a job, saving money.) Therefore, when it is time for a woman to leave Maggie’s Place, she has prepared herself to move on to independent living. Our involvement continues in the moms’ lives once they leave the house through our Alumnae Mom’s program, which has special programs and ongoing outreach activities. We consider our guests to be an extension of the Maggie’s Place family and we continue to have close relationships with many of them.
How is Maggie's Place funded?

Maggie’s Place is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization and depends on the generosity of individuals to fund our work. Generous private individuals and families, as well as civic-minded clubs, social organizations, and faith communities provide financial assistance. We also receive support from several private and corporate grants. Donations are also accepted via direct designation through United Way. The direct designation code for Maggie’s Place is 1305.

How To Support Our Work

What can I do to support your work?
You can support our work in a variety of ways! If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our volunteer page for current opportunities. If you would like to donate financially, we have many ways to give including online donations, workplace giving or shopping at our online store or at Maggie’s Thrift in Phoenix.  Maggie’s Place is also a qualifying organization for the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit.  Additionally, Maggie’s Place also accepts donations of new or gently used items, including maternity, baby, or household supplies.   Please visit our donate page for more information about these opportunities.
I have items to donate. Where can I take them?
Material donations are very much appreciated and relied upon for our work! We ask that you please arrange a donation drop-off with the house closest to you. Home locations and numbers can be found here.

Maggie’s Place also operates Maggie’s Thrift, a social enterprise project. This boutique-style resale store is located at 1517 E. McDowell Rd, Phoenix AZ and accepts gently used furniture, housewares and adult clothing/accessories. Please call the store directly at 602-252-1178 for drop-off, or to arrange furniture pick-up.

I want to donate. What do you need?
Each of our homes has a wish list that is regularly updated. They can be viewed under each location here. Our homes depend on donations to keep our operating costs at a minimum, so every bit counts!
Can I visit one of the homes for a tour?
Yes. Our MissionCorps staff would be happy to show you a Maggie’s Place home. Please call the home nearest to you to set up a tour.

History of Maggie’s Place

How did Maggie's Place start?
Maggie’s Place began with five young women who had the courage and determination to take on the founding of a non-profit, the creation of a community, and the establishment of a home. As word spread, caring and generous individuals stepped forward to provide assistance. After eighteen months of planning, Maggie’s Place opened its doors to the first group of pregnant women on Mother’s Day 2000. Over a decade later, Maggie’s Place operates 5 homes and has helped over 800 women.
Why Maggie's Place? Who is Maggie?
Maggie’s Place is named for St. Mary Magdalene. It is common in the Catholic tradition to invoke the intercession of a patron saint. The founding community of Maggie’s Place chose St. Mary Magdalene due to her reputation as someone who had made mistakes but then turned her life around when she met Christ.
Who makes up the Maggie's Place staff?
Maggie’s Place house staff members, called MissionCorps, are full-time volunteers who receive room, board, health insurance and a stipend in exchange for their service at Maggie’s Place. Since the MissionCorps do not receive salaries, we are able to have an appropriate-sized staff while keeping our administrative costs and operating budget to a minimum. The Corps members live on-site and alongside our moms, creating a strong community environment that models a family.

If you have other questions, feel free to email us at