TeresaRecently, I started my third year at Maggie’s Place. I wanted to share a list of five experiences that have inspired me during my time here!

#5.        Getting dozens and dozens of eggs donated just days before we had a big omelette extravaganza planned. And the                             constant presence of Divine Providence.

#4.        When moms join us for prayer in the chapel.

#3.        When some staff put a hugely important meeting on hold to make sure a mom could get to the hospital.

#2.        When I found out I was an aunt. This was the same day I moved to The Michael House, and during the move, all my belongings were raided by ants.

#1.        Witnessing a birth. And the mom so hospitable too. She was in active labor and asking us if we needed pillows!

-Teresa, Director of Program Support Services