“A community which is just an explosion of heroism is not a true community. True community implies a way of life, a way of living and seeing reality; it implies above all fidelity of the daily round. And this is made of simple things—getting meals, using and washing dishes and using them again, going to meetings—as well as gift, joy, and celebration” –Jean Vanier, Community and Growth

Our lives are very simple.

We do chores, answer the phones, and try to make people feel welcomed and loved. We make meals together and laugh over a game of Apples to Apples.  Don’t get me wrong; there are hard days. Sometimes there are conflicts or tragedies or deep inner wounds that come to the surface. Sometimes situations can be complicated and messy and it can be hard to find hope. Sometimes we can get so busy we forget to eat or sleep.

As MissionCorps, we do have a unique living situation in that we live where we work, those whom we serve are our housemates, and we hear babies crying at all hours of the night.  Yet it is a gift to be able to call Maggie’s Place home. It is here that I am stretched in my ability to love. I live in a place where I am able to see God’s Providence so clearly. I have the opportunity to learn new skills and increase my understanding of the world. As iron sharpens iron, I am able to learn so much from the moms, the staff, and our wonderful volunteers. I have a front row seat to so many firsts in a baby’s life: first smile, first tooth, first Christmas. In our moms’ lives, I able to witness so many firsts: first bank account, first time holding their newborn, first time feeling appreciated for who they are as a person. In the life of a MissionCorps there are many firsts as well: first duty shift, first hike, first speaking event.

At Maggie’s Place, life seems to be in concentrate form.  So many firsts and big life events happen in such a short and concentrated amount of time that a month can sometimes feel like a year. There are many joys to celebrate and many crosses to bear. As MissionCorps, we have the opportunity to journey alongside our moms as they heal and learn and teach.

I am so humbled that I get to play a role in the beauty that is life at Maggie’s Place. There have been many who have come before me and there will be many who come after me. Yet I have the gift to be here now—in this time, in this place, with these people.


By Elisa Raubach, a MissionCorps member