A few days ago 2 women came to the Thrift Store to look at our clothing. Thrift had just started a $1 rack, so the women stopped there first to check out the sales. One woman asked if we had maternity clothes, while the other woman went inside to use the bathroom.

The woman browsing the $1 rack and inquiring about maternity clothing, whispered to me, “My friend there is pregnant & homeless.”

I looked at her with a big smile and said, “Did you know you’re shopping at a Thrift Store that is connected to Maggie’s Place, which has homes for pregnant women??!”

The woman stopped and smiled too, “What?! Really, that is too much! God is good.”

“Yes, He is, ” I answered.

They were in luck that day. It also happened to be free donut day. I also had a large bowl of oranges and apples that would go bad if I didn’t share. So I quickly made sure both women had their share of donuts and fruit, after finding out both woman were actually homeless.

I shared as much information as I could with both women about Maggie’s Place. The coming to Maggie’s Place is up to them..

They left with brochures, food, freshening up in the bathroom and some $1 purchases. I like to assume they left a little happier :)

I love when everything comes full circle, when the ministry that we belive for and work for, connects to the simple Thrift Store. I love when we are able to connect our mission daily right down here on busy ol’ McDowell.