Where are they now? Check in with some of the alumnae MissionCorps…

Angie Boggs, 68 years old
Years: 2003 (volunteer); 2004 (staff at Magdalene); 2005-7 (Board member and volunteer at Elizabeth); 2007-8 (staff, Director of Development, Fiat); 2008-11 (volunteer at Elizabeth).
MP house: varies
Current location: Reston, VA (DC area)
Current occupation/vocation/etc: Manager of Chaplaincy Services, Inova Fairfax Hospital (starting in Dec. 2016)
A favorite memory from MP: Ah, so many…a conglomerate memory is praying the chaplet whenever I worked at MP or if I was volunteering at 3pm.

Gretchen Smith, 25 years old
Years: 2014-2016
MP house: Elizabeth, Hannah
Current location: Rochester, NY
Current occupation/vocation/etc: Master of Social Work student
A favorite memory from MP: There are so many to choose from! One of my most cherished memories from my time at Maggie’s Place is doing arts and crafts with moms and MissionCorps.

Katie Marshaus, 23 years old
Years: Summer 2015-Spring 2016
MP house: The Zechariah House (woot woot!)
Current location: Cleveland, Ohio
Current occupation/vocation/etc: Pre-Dental student at Cleveland State University.
A favorite memory from MP: On a Monday in December, one of our Community night speakers had to cancel due to the weather. The MissionCorps pulled their heads together to come up with another plan. In the spirit of Christmas, we decided to make paper snowflakes and decorate the house. None of the moms had made paper snowflakes before. The amount of excitement they had when they opened up their finished masterpiece was priceless. Everyone was holding up their snowflakes and comparing designs. “Oooohs” and “Ahhhhs” were heard all around the room as our snowflakes were hung on the walls. We ended the evening watching a Christmas movie together – the House Manager even let us eat cake in the living room! It was one of the happiest moments we had that year. The room and our hearts were filled to the brim with the peace and joy of Christ.

Sarah Morrison, 32 years old
Years: 2009 – 2016
MP house: Michael, Elizabeth, Thrift, Fiat
Current location: Phoenix, AZ
Current occupation/vocation/etc: Mom / Jewelry maker
A favorite memory from MP: Meeting my husband, making lifelong friends, and being a part of a life-giving community. Very specifically I remember each birth I attended and the support I was able to give the mom. Support at child birth alters the environment in a very positive way for mama and baby.

Jessica Trevail, 25 years old
Years: January 2014 – July 2015
House: Zechariah
Current location: Columbus OH
Current occupation/vocation/etc: Ohio State Graduate Student
A favorite memory from MP: I remember one of the moms asking to go with me to adoration one evening. When we got there the baby was tired and fussed occasionally, and I wasn’t sure how the mom would be with an hour of silence, even though I had prepared her for what adoration was all about. In that time though, it reminded me that the first part of the care I gave the moms and babies, was spiritual love and prayer.Introducing someone to God’s love is not always comfortable, but that is where God takes it and makes the mess beautiful–like most of the aspects of Maggie’s Place.

Meredith Kugar, 25 years old
Years: Summer 2010
MP house: Elizabeth
Current location: Indianapolis, IN
Current occupation/vocation/etc: 4th year medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine
A favorite memory from MP: Being in the Maggie’s Place kitchen with the moms and other staff members. Cooking and eating meals together, and having long talks around the kitchen table.

Aleshia Faulstich, 24 years old
Years: Summer 2014
MP house: Elizabeth
Current location: University of Notre Dame
Current occupation/vocation/etc: Master of Divinity Student
A favorite memory from MP: Sharing everyday life with the women of the EHouse is my favorite memory! However, a special individual memory that sticks out for me was being with one of our moms through the birth of her son. She gave me a card with her hand prints and his foot prints on it before I left and I still cherish it to this day.


What will your story be?