Things get very difficult in our homes at times. Lately there has been particular suffering in the homes back to back, and all the homes seem to be going through these struggles the last couple of months. What I’ve learned is that the only thing that helps when we have done everything else, and the situation is now out of our hands, is to pray. Prayer can change a whole day, and we know that! We hear it all the time, but how often do we do it regularly – not just when we’re in a bind?

For those of you that look at the work of Maggie’s Place and think, “Wow that must be really rewarding,” I can affirm your hopes and say that, yes, at times it is very rewarding. However it’s not very different from your home life in the day to day routine. What is different is what holds us together is usually not common interests, genes, friendships etc but Christ’s mercy. He brings each individual to Maggie’s Place for a unique purpose at an appointed time, whether it’s a mom, volunteer, MissionCorps member or Staff to be together and learn from each other. This is miraculous in itself, that any of our lives would cross paths in such an intimate way! This also leaves room for a lot of misunderstanding as we try to adjust to different lifestyles and behaviors. It’s not always perfect or easy, but as Mary Peterson always said, “Love is messy”.

If you’re on the outside looking in and wondering what you can do, I ask you to pray. Pray for us every day, the staff and MissionCorps alike for courage, wisdom, patience and charity as we seek to serve our moms and babies as best we can. Pray for our moms, that they may grow in love, patience, hope and integrity. When things get rough, they get really heartbreaking and more than having the perfect solution or the perfect words, what we need most of all is prayer. If someone told me that they prayed for me that day, it would give me the hope and encouragement to carry on and fight the good fight. It would absolutely change my whole day or week. The next time you see a Maggie’s Place MissionCorps member or staff, let them know you think of them too and let them know you’re praying for them. You would not imagine how phenomenal a gift that is to us.


By Leticia Sanchez, MissionCorps member at The Magdalene House

This post is dedicated to The Elizabeth House moms and MissionCorps