A Year of Service

Maggie’s Place AmeriCorps carry out the heart of our work by serving the moms and babies in our homes. They commit a year of their lives – and sometimes more – to the mothers and families, to the upkeep of the homes, and to an intentional community life.

A Day in the Life

My Big Fat Maggie’s Place Family

A small hesitation that many new moms and Mission Corps have about living at Maggie’s Place is the challenge of sharing a house with so many other women. I grew up as the oldest of 8 children, 7 of whom are female, so in some ways, I was prepared. We strive to create an environment…

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Divine Providence Will Provide

The MissionCorps of Maggie’s Place begin and end the day with the mantra “Divine Providence can provide. Divine Providence did provide. Divine Providence will provide.” We say this as a reminder of the radical trust in God that is required to do our job. We can say this, we can have this trust, because time…

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Why Do A Year Of Service?

I graduated from Gonzaga University in 2013. As a Jesuit institution, service is something that Gonzaga talks about a LOT. Zags are incredibly service-oriented. It’s instilled in us through service-learning classes and mission trip opportunities and our clubs. Still, I have to admit that post-grad service was not something that ever entered my radar as…

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