AmeriCorps - Apply Now

Apply Now:
To apply, fill out our online application, or download and fill out our application and email it to Emily at americorps@maggiesplace.org, along with a copy of your current resumé, and the contact information of two references who can speak to your personal and professional character. Summer AmeriCorps need only provide one reference.


Priority & Summer AmeriCorps Deadline: 3/29/20

This deadline is for yearlong AmeriCorps interested in a discernment weekend visit and all Summer AmeriCorps applicants. Discernment weekends are a chance for accepted year-long AmeriCorps to visit one of our homes for a weekend before accepting our AmeriCorps offer.


Yearlong Live-In AmeriCorps:

Serve from 8/1/20 – 8/31/21

Application: Opens 9/16/19 and closes 5/31/20

Live-in AmeriCorps provide non-judgmental, emotional support to our mothers and build community while living in our homes. Applicants should be 21 years and older to operate company vehicles.


Summer AmeriCorps:

AZ: Serve from June 1st– July 27th

OH: Start/end dates flexible, AmeriCorps Education Award not offered in OH

Application: Opens 9/16/19 and closes 3/29/20

Summer AmeriCorps spend a summer living in a Maggie’s Place home. They assist year-long AmeriCorps in position work, house coverage and building relationships. Applicants who are 21 are preferred, but can be as young as 18.

For other inquiries past 5/31/20, please email AmeriCorps@maggiesplace.org

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