AmeriCorps – Frequently Asked Questions

How is Maggie’s Place different from other service programs?

In our Maggie’s Place homes, we incorporate a unique approach. We live in community; our moms and AmeriCorps sharing a home and living life alongside one another. We are founded on Catholic Social Teaching that we are responsible for one another. We are continually working to improve and to live out our core values of love, hospitality, community and excellence in better ways each day. We live in solidarity with the women we serve, and each member of the community, regardless of their role, is changed profoundly by the experience. In this way, Maggie’s Place not only provides for the physical and emotional needs of the pregnant women who are our guests, but also encourages the growth of its AmeriCorps, donors and volunteers.

Can I apply if I’m not a US citizen?

AmeriCorps members must be US citizens or legally documented residents.

Are there medical considerations for service?

As AmeriCorps you will interact with pregnant women and newborns, groups that have a heightened risk of illness and complications. Pregnant women have somewhat suppressed immune systems and newborns having underdeveloped ones, make it extra important that AmeriCorps take appropriate precautions for the health of the community, such as keeping their own vaccines up to date. It is expected that as an AmeriCorps member, you will receive a flu shot at the beginning of flu season, even if you don’t typically get one each year, as well as that you have received a tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis booster within the last five years. The vaccine must have had the pertussis component included, as the tetanus-only shot doesn’t include it. If you are unsure if you have received it, please check with your doctor.

Are there costs associated with applying/serving?

AmeriCorps are responsible for traveling to and from their placements.

How do I handle my college loans?

Either forbearance or deferment is available for most federally guaranteed student loans. Contact your lender for more information. Maggie’s Place is happy to provide any forms or letters required to prove your status as a full-time volunteer. AmeriCorps loans may have the option to be placed in forbearance for the duration of service.

Can my family and friends visit me? Call me?

Yes! AmeriCorps often invite family and friends to visit and share in their experiences of life at Maggie’s Place. While AmeriCorps members are expected to immerse themselves into the community at Maggie’s Place, we also recognize that keeping in touch with family and friends is important and necessary to stay healthy.

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