When I first started working at Maggie’s Place, I quickly grew to expect a visitor during my Wednesday morning duty shift. This man very generously brought produce to our home, a small gift every week. This gift was often accompanied by a few words of encouragement, of hope, of healing. He always shook my hand as he was leaving, would look me in the eye and say,

“God bless this home.”

I grew to look forward to his visits. As a MissionCorps, we are blessed to encounter people of our community. To share with them our life and our mission, as they share with us all that we need to continue service to the mothers. 

Donors are the reason Maggie’s Place is sustainable. Donors give material goods, but they also give us great joy, confidence, and hope. 

One day, as this regular donor was leaving, there were tears in his eyes. He paused and asked me,

“Do you know why I do this? You know, I was born in a home just like this. If it weren’t for people like you, willing to open your doors and just love people, I wouldn’t be here.”

In that moment, I realized the impact Maggie’s Place has. And those words are meant for all our donors, volunteers, and staff.

If you are donating, time, materials, offering prayers— you are the reason our moms have another chance. You are the reason we keep going, and for that we all thank you. 


By Ellen Dahlby, a MissionCorps