Simple living, especially relying on donations and Divine Providence to provide for what we need, makes you appreciate little things more. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are some of the little things that I have come to appreciate greatly while living at Maggie’s Place:

Something coming in a donation that you just put on your needs list
Someone doing your chore
A mom asking to go to Mass with you
Something really useful or timely coming in our weekly Costco pick up
Everyone being home so you can lock up early
Delicious leftovers still in the fridge at lunch, even though they easily could have been eaten by then
Spontaneous family-like game or movie nights
Good conversations with a mom or Corps member
Each and every donor, regardless of what they bring, just popping up into your day because they thought of Maggie’s Place and wanted to love us!
Upgrading or replacing something in the house with a donated item, even if it’s just a dry erase board or some of our towels
Nice pens
Getting to drive somewhere alone and blast the music
Filling your Dutch Bros loyalty card and cashing it in for a free drink
Fresh food donations, like butter, or yogurt, or fruits and veg, and the list goes on
A hug
Memes that fit the situation perfectly
A full tank of gas when you get in the car
A spot on Psalm
“Thank you”
Having something in donations that another house needs so you can share
Being available to help
A handmade card

Today it was deodorant donated by Costco! Tomorrow it will be something else. Every day can be bright if you live simply enough to enjoy the little things!