“We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.” – Dorothy Day

When I was thinking about coming to serve at Maggie’s Place, one of the aspects that appealed to me most was the community life. As a Corps member, I have been able to see so many of the beautiful ways of living out community. Last Christmas, all the moms and Corps members got up at 6am to open presents and enjoy homemade cinnamon rolls (and coffee!). I have been surrounded with love and support during wonderful times and hard times while I’ve been here. I’ve cried on several shoulders, and shared many deeply meaningful hugs that convey more than words ever could. I’ve also been cheered on while pursuing personal goals and growth.

By far the most beautiful expression of the sense of community at Maggie’s Place was when my contact mom asked me to be present at the birth of her daughter. I had never witnessed a birth before, and was struck by the intensely personal nature of a birth – I could hardly believe that someone who hadn’t known me two months ago would trust me to be present at this most beautiful and private moment. The fact that such strong and lasting friendships can develop at Maggie’s Place shows the true nature of the beautiful gift of community!

Allegra, MissionCorps Member