Maggie’s Place is an unrepeatable experience. It is a kaleidoscope of every human struggle, and every human joy.

We celebrate the beginning of life as we welcome brand new human beings into this world. We dream together about their futures. We pray that they can find the beauty in this broken world, and that they can assist in healing and molding it.

Each day we are bowed over by the donors who give of themselves so generously.  We marvel at God’s providence, and that truly each desire of our heart is provided for. (I mean, who would have known that a comment about wishing for a piano for the home would foreshadow its arrival mere weeks later?)

Christmas Eve 2013 (22)

Together we mourn the sufferings and setbacks of this life, and the injustices that are thrust upon the mothers and their children by society. We learn to dance in the rain. Yet we also rejoice as long-fought battles are won, and hope triumphs. As little by little, hearts heal, we praise God, from Whom all blessings flow.

What a blessing Maggie’s Place has been for so many people, from the mothers who come searching for stability and support, to the children who are born and given a stronger foundation for the precious first years of their lives. MissionCorps members, too, are blessed for our time walking with all the mothers, children, and volunteers who bless our lives so much. Maggie’s Place is an unforgettable experience, and I know the joy and strength I learned here during my year as a MissionCorps members will echo throughout my life.

-By Lianna Mueller, MissionCorps member at The Zechariah House