Thrift This month, we celebrate the two-year anniversary of Maggie’s Thrift!  As time continues, we only get busier and more successful, thanks to our donors who contribute to our success in a most tangible way.  Every donation is put to good use; whether it is sold to a family who needs the item, passed on to ICM homeless ministry who receives our excess, or recycled for money, we truly make the most out of every contribution.

The lifeline of Maggie’s Thrift is our wonderful volunteers who dedicate a weekly shift (or sometimes more) from their busy lives!  The only reason why we can continue to move forward is because of these generous individuals.

Thrift Job Participant

Our Job Training Program is continuing to grow! Our goal for upcoming year is to have more moms participate and to increase our network in order to help our graduates obtain more jobs.

There are many more praises to sing of the individuals who have helped make these past two years of Maggie’s Thrift such a success. Please know that your part, whether small or big, was so appreciated. For more information on Maggie’s Thrift, or to give a donation or become a volunteer, please visit us here!

With gratitude,

Sarah Morrison, Maggie’s Thrift Manager


m2011-2013 Maggie’s Thrift Highlights:

  • 34 moms applied to the Job Training Program
  • 22 moms participated in the program
  • 4 moms graduated from the Job Training Program, and completed not only the 6 training levels, but also participated in mock interviews and work evaluations where they pinpointed tangible goals to follow on their career path.
  • Hundreds of individuals and corporate, youth, and other volunteer groups have helped with regular weekly shifts, store improvements, etc.
  • Hundreds upon hundreds of donors have helped fill our shelves!