“When I came to Maggie’s Place, I didn’t have any goals. I was broken. I was afraid. I was terrified that I was going to destroy my child’s life. I was struggling with addiction. All I knew was that people who struggled with addiction continued to struggle after the child is here and DCS gets involved, adoption gets involved and abortion is involved. When I came to Maggie’s Place, I didn’t think I was good enough to be a mom.

clare-augustMy main goal while at Maggie’s Place continues to be my self improvement, healing and growing–that is my lifetime goal. Very soon after I arrived, another goal became to give birth and parent a healthy baby. My third goal is to maintain my sobriety which is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. While at Maggie’s Place, I have been able to find permanent employment with a company with great benefits, start paying my fines and begin work on becoming debt free in order to build my credit and one day buy a home so that my daughter can grow up and have stable and happy memories.

In 2015, I completed a certificate for culinary arts. That was the career path I was on, but it wasn’t my purpose. While at Maggie’s Place I have realized my purpose: to help women as I’ve been helped. Soon, I will begin pursuing my Master’s Degree in Social Work so that I can fulfill that purpose and use my gifts, talents and experiences to help others achieve their goals.

I am grateful for the Maggie’s Place door being open for me and my child. I don’t now where I would be right now without the support and love I’ve been given.”

–Aretha, a Maggie’s Place mom