The path that led me to Maggie’s Place was somewhat simple that involved a desire to spread my wings by leaving Indiana, learn more about pregnant and parenting women and do something more with my life.

When I first came to Maggie’s Place on January 7th, 2002 the scene was a little different than it is now. Back at that time, Maggie’s Place consisted of 1 home and we were in the process of renovating the apartments. At the time that I arrived, there were 5 people doing everything.
I was also different 10 years ago. I was the girl who had grown up on a farm in rural Indiana whose 3 brothers and parents made my life comfortable and easy. When I arrived at Maggie’s Place my nails were manicured, I had 8 suitcases of clothes and I was driving a very flashy red convertible. The red convertible is a very clear memory for people who were a part of Maggie’s Place during this time.
So much has happened since I walked through those doors.

My thoughts in no particular order:

Love Rocks. Maggie’s place is REAL good at this and in all seriousness, I would say that we are professional lovers. We have seen it all, and yet we love. Loving someone for who they are, regardless of their past or current choices can sometimes be hard. The work is worth it.
Community is hard. When you live and work with the same people every day, your shortcomings and rough edges come to the surface. There is nowhere to hide and I have found that the hiding takes more work than actually owning up to shortcomings and tackling them head on. Being in that space with humility and seeking forgiveness is okay.
Friendships are born here. Mary and I’s best estimate is that 100 staff have served at Maggie’s Place. I have interacted in a real way with each and every one of them…praying, sweating, crying, dancing and laughing together. These things bond us in a way that lasts.
Efficient heating and cooling systems, safe entrances to work, dishwashers, ice machines and met time lines are over-rated. Sure, they are nice, but at the end of the day walking a plank to work keeps things exciting.
We have some amazing board members, donors and volunteers. Many of these folks have become dear personal friends. I value their friendships, informal mentoring and examples they all are of good parents, wives and human beings. I am grateful for the circle of support they have created around me.
Adopt the core values of Maggie’s Place as your own. Embrace the duty of the moment. Affirm life. Acknowledge purpose in suffering. Recognize holiness in all tasks. Be hospitable. Approaching life this way has changed my life. I bet it could change yours :).
The Fiat House gets ALOT of work done. Daily I am amazed at what this team of throroughbreds can accomplish. We thrive on supporting the house staff so they can serve the moms. I am excited to be in an office where we are more than coworkers, we are family. I can be creative and be myself. I am honored to work beside people with such a high level of awesomeness.
My parents are pretty cool. I can’t say enough about the sacrifices that they have made so that I could be at Maggie’s Place (read: thanks for still paying for my tires and insurance).
Being a mom is the toughest job. In the world. Ever. Pregnancy and the bond between a mother and her child is a beautiful thing. I am in awe of the accomplishments of the moms at Maggie’s Place, of the habits that have been broken and the sacrifices that have been made because of thier love for their child.
Here’s to another 10 years!