There is something nice about just being. About enjoying the presence of the people around you. So many times, and I am largely guilty of this, people living together have their own agendas, their own to-do-lists, and their own interests. And those are all good things to have – we were each created individually with different gifts and therefore different jobs to fulfill. But until everyone gathers around and is together, for reasons that aren’t required and are more spontaneous in nature, I forget how good it feels to be with the people you love.

It happened this past Sunday evening. Everyone at the Michael House was home – moms, Mission Corps, our resident 3-month old baby; all with the excitement of a new mom and three new Mission Corps members who had moved in the day before to begin their year of service at Maggie’s Place.

We had arrived home after an afternoon of fun at the Fiat House, complete with a photo shoot and back to school event. The Fiat House was hopping with current moms, alumni moms, tons of kids, staff, and amazing volunteers! Everyone was enjoying getting hair cuts, gathering school supplies, selecting make-up from donation bins, snacks, and a mobile dental unit. The festivities were packed with so many great ways to get geared up for another school year for Maggie’s Place families.

Not long after we arrived home, all eleven of the Michael House residents could be found in the connecting living and dining rooms. Some were finishing their dinners, others were relaxing on the couch; all were entertained by the giggles and smiles coming from the baby in the house as he transitioned from a tummy time mat to a bumbo chair, eyes glimmering whenever anyone would chit chat with or tickle him.

No profound stories were told, our time together didn’t go on for hours, there were even times of silence – comfortable silence, though – yet being together in the same space brought such joy to me. It is in the simple moments of community, of gathering together, regardless of a cause, when it feels so right to be surrounded by such lovely people. To know that in the comfortable spaces of a home, we are all able to feel comfortable with each other and truly like a family.

It is so important to have time together. Whether that is celebrating a birthday, sharing a meal time, or being home on a Sunday afternoon, being in the company and community of Maggie’s Place is a terrific blessing. Here’s to time together, and the immeasurable kindness it leaves in my heart.

By Rebecca Kirch, a MissionCorps Member at The Michael House