Tramesha, originally from Jacksonville, Florida, was living and working in New York when she discovered she was pregnant. She had made the move to New York to attend college and began working after that. She didn’t have the resources for a healthy pregnancy on her own so she decided to move back to Jacksonville until she could find a more stable environment to bring her baby into.

With a lack of support also at home, Tramesha felt hopeless and did some online research to see what options were available to her. She discovered Maggie’s Place, and it seemed too good to be true. When looking over the website, Tramesha really took notice of the emphasis on goal setting which motivated her to make the 2,000 mile move!

Tramesha received flight assistance from Catholic Charities of New York to make the cross country journey. Since moving in, Tramesha quickly found a job in retail. She is working towards paying off a school loan so she can accomplish her dream of becoming a sports dietician. She is currently seven months pregnant with a baby boy and plans to name him Chinaza, which means “God answers.”

She finds so much relief in not having to worry about the little things while living in the home, and is thankful to be in a stress free environment during her pregnancy. “It’s so amazing to receive so much love and support from the community! It’s one thing I really love.”

“You can tell this place is driven by love or it wouldn’t be making such an impact in our lives.”