Memories of May, Moms, & More

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a talk with our moms by a pastor from a local church.

At one point during his talk he asked the mothers about their lives. They courageously shared their hardships, troubles, and some shared intimate treasures that were stored away in the crevices of their hearts. As each of their stories unfolded, I was struck by the beauty and fortitude of each woman in the room.

Amanda-mc-fullEach mom who comes into The Zechariah House was brought to us with purpose and design. They are here to teach us what they have experienced in life, to grace us with their unique talents, and to bring smiles to our faces. I have learned so much here from our five beautiful moms. From gardening and cooking to lessons on kindness and generosity, each mom has an area in which she shines!

One of the most beautiful memories I will take with me when I leave Maggie’s Place is from a community night when we made Mother’s Day cards. One of the moms works in home care and she wanted her clients to feel loved on Mother’s Day so she took the time to make cards for each of her clients, crafting each one carefully with love.

Another memory that stands out was when I was crying in the front office; one of our moms came in and saw that my face was red and blotchy. I could see her heart soften with compassion. She gave me a hug, and said, “I love you…We all love you and God loves you. And that’s what matters.” She smiled and walked away leaving my heart to melt on the floor in awe of her beauty.

We have the best moms in the world and it has been such a blessing to be here with them, celebrating both their lives and the lives of their children!