Avigail became pregnant at 18 years old and moved in with her aunt in hopes to receive her support and guidance. She wanted her unborn baby to have the opportunities she did not have. Shortly after moving in with her, Avigail saw that the relationship was unhealthy. Avigail didn’t have the means to move out on her own but didn’t know where to turn until one of her friends told her about Maggie’s Place.

Before moving into Maggie’s Place, Avigail felt very alone and unsure about her future. When she arrived at her new home, the staff welcomed Avigail and helped her set short and long term goals to prepare for raising her child. Quickly, her worries began to subside. As she got to know the other moms in the home, she realized there were other women in similar situations and she was not alone. She knew she had found a family at Maggie’s Place!

Avigail gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Herman, in late January and is so happy to be a mom! “All I do now is for him. I just want to be a good mom to Herman and give him all of my love.” Additionally, Avigail is working full time at a local grocery store and is hoping to earn a promotion soon. Avigail is also taking GED classes on days that she does not work.

Avigail is so grateful to be a part of the Maggie’s Place community.

“I never in my life knew there was something like this. I’m so thankful for everyone who supports Maggie’s Place! All of us moms have everything we need because of them.”