An Opportunity to Blossom

I felt it was going to be impossible to find a safe place for me to stay during my pregnancy.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was living on unemployment check-to-check and the father of the baby was in Atlanta, GA. I quickly realized that this was not working; I found myself looking for homeless shelters that would take me in my second trimester. I turned to Facebook as a cry for help and asked for help. A former schoolmate offered to let me stay with her in Ohio.


I soon found myself living in Akron, Ohio without a stable environment. I was sleeping from couch-to-couch, in available shelters, or in unhealthy homes filled with drugs and violence.

A kind friend became my advocate and spent countless hours researching to find a safe place for me and my unborn child. He recommended Maggie’s Place for me because they take in pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy. I felt defeated and unwanted, I was convinced Maggie’s Place would tell me they were full and I would be stuck living in abysmal situations forever. He gently assured me and said that they were waiting for me to call. I did not believe him, but reluctantly decided to give them a call.

“Thank you for calling Maggie’s Place. How may I help you?” an upbeat voice answered on the other side of the phone. I thought to myself, “Hmm… this might be promising.” She asked me a few initial questions, and I arranged a time to come in.  I walked into the meeting place my head spun with questions: “They look a bit young, around my age. How can they help me?” I took a deep breath and said to myself, “Well, here goes nothing.” I sat at the table with a fearful, yet open heart and mind. We spoke for a while and I learned more about Maggie’s Place.

After I was approved to live at Maggie’s Place, a huge weight was lifted from me. I felt like I finally caught a break! When I first walked into Maggie’s Place, I felt welcomed, loved and appreciated. I was happy about the decision I made to come here.

When I first walked into Maggie’s Place, I felt welcomed, loved and appreciated. I was happy about the decision I made to come here.

Since moving into Maggie’s Place I am more willing to live life with a smile! I found the strength and support to work until the final month of my pregnancy and save the money that previously would burn a hole in my pocket. My need to spend money on unnecessary items is waning.  Maggie’s Place provides me with the tools to be a Super Mom, and offers countless opportunities for me to blossom.

Through the continued support of Maggie’s Place, I intend to pursue a true career, grow in my faith, build healthy relationships and give my son a safe environment to thrive and prosper. Through the influence of Maggie’s Place, I am a better woman, mother and Christian; I am proud of my growth and empowered by the future I envision for my family.