Caterina received treatment at a nursing home as she fought off infection while carrying her baby. After being discharged, she moved into her mom’s shed and started searching for a stable place to welcome her daughter into the world. She remembered hearing about Maggie’s Place when she took a class at a crisis pregnancy support center and decided to call.

Caterina called every week until there was an opening. She was nervous when her move-in day finally came, but she was overwhelmed with joy when she saw the “Welcome Home!” sign on the door of her new room.

Since moving in, Caterina has welcomed her adorable daughter, Harlow, home. Caterina is working towards earning her GED so she can become an esthetician. But her biggest goal is to save money so she can pursue her dream of becoming a counselor.

During a mentoring session offered at the homes, Caterina was faced with the question, “What are you called to do?” She thought deeply about this and felt she was meant to be a counselor. She has had such a positive experience with her counselor at Maggie’s Place that she now wants to help others in the same way!

Before coming to Maggie’s Place, Caterina did not have a support system, but now it is the thing she treasures most about being a part of the community.

UPDATE: Caterina has joined the extensive Maggie’s Place alumnae mom network. She moved out of the home in September 2015. Caterina earned her GED and applied and enrolled at Rio Salado to pursue a degree in substance abuse counseling. She also reached over a year sobriety and got married all while raising the beautiful but rambunctious Harlow.

1 year sober

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