Your donation gives expectant women in uncertain circumstances the chance to grow into their roles as mothers. Thank you for providing women in need with the means necessary to accomplish their goals. You’ve touched the lives of moms like Dasha with your kindness.

When Dasha found herself pregnant amidst the unrest in the Ukraine, she wanted to find a safe and supportive environment to give birth to her baby. She searched online and discovered Maggie’s Place.

It was hard for Dasha to believe such a place existed, but she was ready to take that leap of faith and bought her plane ticket. After moving in, Dasha began taking parenting classes, perfecting her English and working on her resume. She gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Kira, in May.

Dasha will be heading back to the Ukraine to teach English at an elementary school. Additionally, she completed the process for Kira to be a dual citizen and hopes to return to the US on a working VISA in the future. She has also built stronger relationships with her family and they are looking forward to meeting Kira.

“I will always remember the bright smile of all the people here and the endless generosity. Maggie’s Place is where I learned to be a mother. I can’t even express how grateful I am for the love, help and kindness.”