Last year, Ermalinda was focusing on her sobriety and living at a sober living facility. When she found out she was pregnant, Ermalinda found support close at hand through her substance abuse class. One of her classmates was actually a Maggie’s Place mom and was able to provide Ermalinda with all of the information she needed and the encouragement to make the call!

At first, Ermalinda was hesitant to make the move, but she quickly felt at home. Ermalinda enjoys the structure that life at Maggie’s Place provides for her and has helped her to accomplish so much.

Ermalinda completed a parenting class series at the Moms’ Outreach Center and continues to maintain her sobriety. Ermalinda also gained valuable employment experience by completing the Maggie’s Thrift Job Training Program last month!

In December, Ermalinda gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Shirina. “I’m learning so much about motherhood and being a parent to my child.” The empowering support Ermalinda is receiving from contributors like you has given her the tools she needs to be a healthy, confident mother for Shirina.

Ermalinda is grateful to be a part of a community that opens their hearts to struggling mothers. “I actually have a place to call home and be safe with my child.”