Your investment in Maggie’s Place has empowered moms in need to make a monumental change in their lives. Thank you for believing in moms like Jacquelyn!

Jacquelyn moved from the United States to Canada to be closer to her fiancé. When Jacquelyn became pregnant, they decided it would be best for her to stay with her mother back in the States to see doctors covered by her health insurance. Once Jacquelyn moved in with her mother, however, her fiancé abruptly cut all communication.

While dealing with this devastating loss, Jacquelyn didn’t know where to turn. She was having trouble finding work and knew she would be financially unable to care for her baby. She began to search online for shelters and came across Maggie’s Place. Making the move seemed overwhelming, but she knew it was something she needed to do.

Jacquelyn immediately loved being a part of the community. She felt like her life took on a whole new direction and she thrived in the structure of the home. While chatting with another Maggie’s Place mom about goal setting, Jacquelyn was told, “Take advantage of this opportunity. You’ll never get another chance like this again.” That sparked Jacquelyn into motion.

Jacquelyn gave birth to her son, Hayden, who will turn one next month. She recently finished classes to be a Medical Assistant for which she received the Becky Most Scholarship! She will also be starting her externship shortly. “Hayden opened the door for me to come here. I’m able to give him a good life that I wouldn’t have been able to before.”

“It all seemed too good to be true. You ask for nothing in return, just that we better our lives. Every time I look at Hayden or my diploma – there’s just no words to put together to express how grateful I am.”