You’ve helped relieve moms in need from difficult situations with your investment in Maggie’s Place. Thank you for impacting the lives of moms like Jaime with your compassion!

Jaime was struggling with homelessness and maintaining sobriety when she came to Maggie’s Place in the fall of 2014. She had little support and many unhealthy relationships in her life. She utilized her every moment in the home to make positive changes and accomplished many goals including completing the Maggie’s Thrift Job Training program.

Jaime moved into The Mary House to build relationships with her other children and establish herself as a parent. Jaime flourished in the structure and support provided at The Mary House and it gave her the self-confidence she needed.

“I was afraid to parent by myself. Living at The Mary House showed me that I could do it.”

Jaime now lives in an apartment with her family and works as the manager of Maggie’s Thrift! She is forever grateful for the opportunity she had to better her life. “I have the fresh start I need so I can be everything that my kids need me to be.”

“For moms getting their kids back it is awesome to be able to get that support. You can give someone all the resources, but sometimes they need more. I will remember all the love, guidance and encouragement that was always given.”