With your support, moms are able to make sustainable changes in their lives to ensure strengthened family relationships and long term success. You’ve helped moms like Melissa, who can now look back on her journey and see how far she’s come. Thank you!

Before coming to Maggie’s Place, Melissa was very early in her sobriety and staying at a rehabilitation facility. Melissa was seven months pregnant, having difficulty finding work, and had nowhere to go once she completed rehab. The rehab staff helped Melissa reach out to local churches and it was through this that Melissa discovered Maggie’s Place.

During her time at the home, Melissa felt like she had a chance to make it in life and at being a mother. “I had never been around these kind of people before. I felt love, support and acceptance.” Melissa was able to focus on her sobriety and began working. She gave birth to her daughter, Monica. After moving out of the home, Melissa reunified with her older children, Faith and Gage, and later welcomed another addition, Shane. Melissa completed schooling to become a hairdresser and has been successful in a career she loves for the past two years.

Melissa and her family are now thriving in their own apartment. Melissa is very involved with the programs and workshops offered at The Fiat House – Moms’ Outreach Center including parenting classes, counseling and family events. Additionally, Melissa will be celebrating nine years of sobriety early next year!

“Being a part of Maggie’s Place means that I will never be alone. It also means that I have people that care about me and my children.”

Thank you for being a constant support for our moms both through the homes and the Moms’ Outreach Center.