Your investment in Maggie’s Place makes all the difference to the moms and babies who call us home. Thank you for your outpouring of love on families like Susan’s.

Susan discovered Maggie’s Place just before graduating from a drug rehabilitation program. Prior to entering rehab, Susan was moving from place to place in order to have a roof over her head. She was thankful to have shelter but knew she needed something more stable to welcome her child into the world, as well as a supportive environment to maintain her sobriety.

Susan was worried about how her history of drug abuse would be perceived, but she felt the worry melt away when she was welcomed into the home. Since moving in, Susan gained hands-on experience by completing a barista training course and is now working in a café. She hopes to begin a culinary training program soon. And of course, Susan also became a mom during her stay! Baby Apryl is almost 9 months now.

You help to provide for our moms’ basic needs as well as their intangible needs with your contribution. In their own words:

“You give us hope because you believe in us.”

Thank you!