Go across the country to a place caught in a strange undertow of time, a swift current, strangely paused in July. Never to doubt your mission and

Live a life willing to challenge the currents of culture, to be misunderstood by society governed by wealth and success, confident that eternity is more valuable than rewards of this life.

your time, plans, and life of comfort and ease to live humbly and simply in solidarity with those in need. Far greater seeds are taking root than you could imagine.

Rejoice with a mother who persevered through difficulty to visit her children, even if only for a short time. Celebrate when she makes small changes, recognizing how much effort it takes for her.

for the future of the unborn child whose mother wrestles with her will-power to embrace the change she desires for her life

The abundant blessings that carry you through. Celebrate the great gift you have to journey with courageous women through uncertain times

Pray and realize the opportunity to be a part of the larger plan. Allowing grace to supplement where your abilities end

Cry for the great loss that came so quickly and left far too soon, knowing the importance is great and explanation never sufficient

Grow in community with beautiful women you never knew you could have so much love for. Seeing how the thread of your lives quickly weave together in an elaborate pattern

Demonstrate how to live a holy life focusing on grace rather than personal weakness when it would be so simple to be frustrated with the gap between where you are and want to be standing like a canyon at your feet

Listen when you can’t take away the pain or fix the past. The ache inside you swirls around and you know you can only be a channel of God’s love

Love when it’s tough. Love when it’s hard. Love as you make sacrifices and you aren’t appreciated and your love is not accepted. Love when you hold a new baby, and see how God renews his promise with humanity.

By Rachel Niekamp, a MissionCorps member