At Maggie’s Place, all are welcome. We acknowledge that all who come through our doors have diverse gifts, talents, stories, and wounds. This is applies not only to the moms, MissionCorps, and staff, but extends to our volunteers and donors.

To me, this is the most beautiful aspect of Maggie’s Place: that we try our hardest to strive to serve everyone, to see everyone, and to appreciate them for who they are and not what they have to give.

There are so many different reasons why I love each and every one of our volunteers. The fact that they give so much of themselves just blows me away. From helping with the MP9K, to doing house coverage so we can go on retreat, to bringing us a simple meal (my favorite!), to helping fix our cars and homes.

Some of the volunteers of The Elizabeth House have been around since its founding in 2005! They have helped the new MissionCorps transition and learn valuable facts about the house that could have been lost if they had not been around. Volunteers are the glue that holds us all together at Maggie’s Place. Without them, I would not be as confident or feel as loved as I do today.

Volunteers open their hearts and lives to the moms and MissionCorps, and the moms love to have the volunteers around. They are able to connect with them on a different level than the MissionCorps because our volunteers come from all different walks of life. Some come from similar situations to our moms, some have a lot of life experience, and some have many kids so they can share their insights.

The blessing of giving your time and talents are so appreciated at Maggie’s Place. If you volunteer at Maggie’s Place…whether in the homes, at Maggie’s Thrift, at our Family Outreach Center, the Board and Council, or anywhere in between…know that you are valued and treasured. We could never express our thankfulness of what you do in the lives of the moms, MissionCorps, and staff.

By Elizabeth Ortlepp, a MissionCorps

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