Recognition of the gifts of others is essential in community. All it takes is a smile and two small words – Thank you by Jean Vanier, Community and Growth.

It is hard to believe that today is my last day serving at Maggie’s Place! This community has been so much more than my home for the past two years. My heart is full of gratitude for all the beautiful experiences I’ve had in my time here, and I would like to recognize some of the many gifts that I have been given by this wonderful community.

*The gift of being welcomed lovingly by both of the houses I’ve lived at.
*The gift of being able to share my thoughts about the dignity of the human person with a contact mom.
*The gift of fellow MissionCorps members helping me sort donations without my having to ask.
*The gift of holding a baby, which was given to me over and over again!
*The gifts of guidance and wise counsel from others when I had to make tough decisions.
*The gift of fun outings to remind me not to take things too seriously.
*The gift of abundant hugs.
*The gift of forgiveness for the many mistakes I have made.
*The gift of laughter, laughter, and more laughter!
*The gift of patience, which has been shown to me over and over again.
*The gift of opportunities to grow by setting aside my own wants to do what was needed.
*The gift of people praying for me.
*The gift of people praying with me, especially during tough times.
*The gift of trust, which many community members have shown to me.
*The gift of a bottle of sparkling water from a mom “because I know you like it”.
*The gift of priests coming to offer Mass in our home.
*The gift of being present at a birth.
*The gift of a shoulder to cry on.
*The gift of pregnant and parenting women allowing me to share their lives with them.
*The gift of knowing I am loved by this community, not for what I am, but simply because I am.

Know that I am smiling as I type this – thank you!

By Allegra Bisbee, MissionCorps Member at The Michael House