I’m often asked to share what it’s like living and working at Maggie’s Place and most of the time I feel like…


So here’s anoter whack at it with the help of some wonderful GIFs (and a couple memes)!


When a donor comes to the door and says, “Hi, I just wanted to drop off a few items I got for you from your wishlist.”

donor wishlist


Getting the call in the middle of the night – “My water broke. I need to go to the hospital.”

are you ready for this


When you have to be ready for anything… at any time.

get ready


When another community member likes the same obscure thing you do.

best friends


When Becky Greene come to do a formation on the wonder of natural family planning and totally owns it and you feel like a standing ovation is in order.

feminist rants


When you can’t remember anything because you’re thinking of everything.

gone mad


When a new mom is moving in.



When a mom is suffering and there’s nothing you can do but suffer with her.

i dont know what to do


When you receive encouragements from another community member.

beautiful soul


When someone asks if we deliver the babies.



When we read the house rules to a mom and ask her to move in.

no idea whats going on


When the baby giggles for the first time.



When your goal or resource suggestion is way off in a contact meeting.

not interested


Serve Saturday.

washing cars


When the moms and babies are reaching goals and milestones and making it rain with achievements (AKA bubbles!).



When moms return from a successful interview.

taylor swift yas


When you print intake folders ahead of time so they’re ready to go and then get an email that the documents have been updated.

throwing papers


Confidentiality rules.

cant talk about it


Having to show tough love by giving a strike or consequence.



Doing announcements at community night.

repeat stuff


How you feel after a staff meeting that adds 20 more tasks to your to do list.

work not done


When everyone’s hormones are out of control.



What goes through your mind at least once a day when you’re in charge.

dont know what im doing


After mom has been up all night with her baby.



After a stressful day.

talk to food


When you tell an epic story from your experience at Maggie’s Place.

true story




By Lety Sanchez, a (now alum) MissionCorps member


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