“I miss the peace here.” I was really surprised. I was having a conversation with a mom who had moved out of Maggie’s Place a few months before, and from my view, the house during her time was anything but peaceful. There must have been something more than surface tensions that she felt – something given by God.

Here at The Zechariah House in Ohio, it is not unusual for us to have alumnae moms come back to volunteer, share holiday meals with us, use our computers, or just to chat, among other things. In fact, we usually see 2-5 moms every week. At first, it seems the primary motivator for their visits is for assistance in material necessities since they can earn “donation dollars.” Moms can earn these “donation dollars” to receive items like diapers, wipes, laundry soap and other items donated to us. However, I have seen more and more often that moms come back for something more.

Hearing that this mom missed the peace here was one of my first encounters with the more that they seemed to want. It led me to the conclusion that what they actually miss is the Holy Spirit moving within our home. While this idea may seem bold, it is the only way I can explain it. This mom was here during a rough and unstable time in her life – like all the moms that call Maggie’s Place home. But she was also here during a time of conflicting personalities within the home. I wouldn’t have described her stay as peaceful, but it brought such joy to hear that she would!

Additionally, another mom also found this deeper connection with our home as well. Like the previously mentioned mom, she was here at a time when drama seemed to be piling up. Now that she has moved out, she keeps in close contact with us because she misses us. These aren’t the only two. I have had moms remind me that this is their family.

Why would we have made such an impact on these moms? After all the drama, resentment of discipline, disagreements, why would this place be described as peaceful and why would they miss us? The only answer is the Holy Spirit working through us! After all, peace is one of the fruits of the Spirit!

Maggie’s Place itself is a miracle. It exists only because of God‘s infinite love. Without Him, a community of women, both Corps and moms, with all the love, drama, arguments, bonding, and personality conflicts, would not be possible. Yet, it survives under the shadow of the Holy Spirit’s wings and shows His work clearly through the hearts of the alumnae moms.


By Jessica Trevail, a MissionCorps member